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Regulatory Intelligence - Investment Management

This is an important year for us; newly implemented regulation affects our business in a critical way that market participants do not yet fully understand. We want to be ahead of the curve as our markets become more transparent. As a result, we have integrated the data created by our front, middle and back office teams with what is available in the marketplace to give us an overview of our entire trading operations.

Head of Multi-Asset Trading

Since the financial crisis, financial markets have experienced a wave of regulation intended to protect investors and prevent economic collapse. In the capital markets, investors are faced with detailed rules specifying the way they can and cannot buy and sell financial securities. Our client is an Asset Manager investing across several financial asset classes. They utilise several in-house systems and external vendors to manage their trading operations. Remarkable Dynamics brought the data from these into a single system, training the Compliance team to drill down into the data to better understand regulatory risks.

An unexpected outcome of this integrated approach has enabled the asset manager to identify areas of improvement for price discovery, order routing and order aggregation.

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