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Customer Intelligence - Insurance

Remarkable Dynamics were engaged to provide an integrated cloud-based solution, centred around Microsoft Dynamics 365 and using the Microsoft Azure platform. The client installed Dynamics 365 as a customer database, as well as for case management.

We integrated the solution with a public facing website. The “Contact Us” section on the client’s web site and a specific email inbox would trigger the creation of a new case on a queue within Dynamics 365 with the source of the case creation attached, e.g. web site or e-mail. If the contact came directly via email, this was associated within Dynamics 365 and linked to the case. Teams would then be responsible for managing the “Contact Us” queue and re-assigning cases to a different, more appropriate queue to manage their workflow. In some situations, based on certain criteria, the case could be automatically routed to the correct queue instead of to the “Contact Us” queue to save time and effort. For each case creation, criteria was also used to check if the associated contact record already existed, with a new contact record being created if not, concurrently reducing duplicates in the system.

For integration purposes, Dynamics 365 sent messages through to the Azure Service Bus, where an Azure Function was triggered when a message was received by a queue or subscription. The Azure Functions communicated with other back-office systems, which could also send a message, triggering an Azure Function which invokes the Dynamics 365 API.

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