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Operational Intelligence - Investment Banking

The time saved in creating static PowerPoint presentations and combining data from multiple Excel sheets has been worth the investment alone. Our workflow combines huge datasets across a complex multinational organisation. We have mostly removed manual inputs and the operational risks associated with them, and thanks to Remarkable Dynamics, we are now in control of designing and executing our own roadmap.

Chief Operating Office

Remarkable Dynamics are engaged by a Tier 1 Investment Bank to help them more completely understand their current and forecasted resourcing across several business units. We began by creating a data warehouse that consolidated data from multiple internal and external systems, enabling our client to have all their data in a single structured database. Discarding the often incomplete and out of date Excel files they had previously been using to store their data saved them time and reduced data errors.

Remarkable Dynamics then trained internal users to manage the system themselves. The result is an enterprise level solution that allows users secured access to query and deep dive the current resource allocation, filter on location, role types, cost and many other dimensions. We received positive feedback on users ability to configure dashboards that produced interactive visualizations, enabling them reduce the time it took them to produce presentations to communicate business critical information to internal stakeholders.

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