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Sales Intelligence - Retail Banking

Our newly integrated sales infrastructure lets us see beyond standard CRM and CMS reports by integrating datasets from systems across multiple business units. We now have greater insight into how our customers use our products and services - with surprising results!

Head of Business Development, Retail Banking

We are working with a large retail bank to bring together data from multiple different business units. This helps management to understand how their retail customers activities, whether through interactions online or with front-office or support staff, affects uptake and usage of their services and products.

To make the information scalable across the organisation, we created standardised dashboards that provide high-level information at a glance. We then trained users to create their own dashboards to analyse information specific to their business unit or role. They can deep dive into the process and see who is doing what and where. Our training focuses on placing power in the hands of users, reducing their dependence on developers, a big change in the workflow for many of our customers.

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